We understand that you need to conduct fundraisers, so at PopcornDude.com we make it simple.

Simply fill out the form on our CONTACT US PAGE and let us know about your Organization

Once we review it, we will contact you and set you up as a participating organization.

YOU WILL EARN 6% of all sales made from our customers that choose your organization as the Benefactor in the drop down option box.


Then to make the Fundraiser work for you  - simply do these things.

(The more of them you do - the better it will work for you)

1. Set up the code we send you on your organization website
(Doing this HELPS drive orders!)

2.) Send an Email Blast to your contact list letting them know about Popcorn Dude and when they order to choose your organization as benefactor

3.) Use your organization social media to promote it - and encourage your families to promote it!

Your organization will earn a check at the end of each calendar quarter!!


We look forward to supporting you and your Fundraising efforts


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